Street food is the trending love of many food fans. People give up on their busy schedules and travel end to end, just to experience the amazing tastes of food that are available around the globe. The street food is essential excretion to the youngsters in the contemporary world. When it is about street food, no corner of the world is untouched. There are many countries and cities that are famous for street food and visitors travel to these places to experience the wonderful cuisine and the traditional cookery. The street food is contributing to the economic rise of the globe in a very handsome rate. If you are looking for some best street food destinations, then you are on the right page. This article is a spotlight on the best street food cities in the world.


street food in South East Asia

The electrifying island that is famous for many things in the world is one of the well-known corners for its wonderful street food.  Singapore consists of a number of short lanes that are filled with street food stalls, and the evenings are filled and flooded with the visitors and the food lovers. The Singapore food lanes present the best traditional cuisine and also offer the enigmatic fusion of the world’s best tastes from all around the world. The must taste street food of Singapore is Bak Chor Mee, which means fusion of Noodles and meat. This very dish is a fabulous combination of mouthwatering tremendously baked meat and small veggies with garlic and light spices.

Bangkok, Thailand

best street food lanes

There is no visitor who comes with an empty heart after his/her visit to Thailand. Thailand is such an amazing place that offers fantastic visitor-friendly hospitality, splendid spas and body massage, energetic adventures and of courses magnificent street food. Thailand has one of the best street food lanes in the world. It is the crown of street food in far eastern countries. The must taste street food of Thailand is Som tam or also known as the papaya salad. It is the most common and most delicious street dines in the scape of Thailand. Every visitor in Thailand is advised to taste the Som tam at least once before they leave. You will come across the similar som tam in other southeastern countries, but the taste of Thailand is unbeatable.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Vietnam is the quite tourist destination that is visited by the number of travellers every day. It is one of the traveller’s favourite street food locations. Among the most popular far eastern countries, Vietnam is most visited for its excellent diversity of street food and street luxuries.  It has these diverse travellers roving around the streets to taste varieties of snacks and even buffets. The must-try food of Vietnam is banh mi. The banh mi stalls are found throughout the country and the evenings are overcrowded to taste this mind-blowing cookery.